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Many of our Team Members at Alpha Center have been through separation and divorce. And we have a deep understanding of the financial and personal stress our clients experience. So, we have designed our divorce mediation program with three goals in mind.

Provide Good Guidance

The unfortunate irony of divorce is that we must make important life decisions when we are clearly not at our best. The professional guidance in the Alpha Center divorce mediation program gives us the opportunity to make good decisions. We can respond thoughtfully rather than suffering the consequences from reacting out of anger or fear.

Lower Stress
Researchers have found that the stress of separation and divorce is second only to the death of a loved one. Our attorneys mediators and other professionals provide the security of private meetings on a schedule that suits your needs. The amount of stress you experience is a small fraction of what you will endure if you choose to go to court.

Stable Life After Separation and Divorce
From the very beginning, we will focus on how every decision you make will impact the quality of your life after separation and divorce. That focus will ensure that your legal expenses are much lower and the money you save will be used to build your new life.

Divorce is not just a legal matter ... its a life matter.

Alpha Center's divorce mediation teams are now available online or in person at our convenient locations.