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Apr 12, 2013

Alpha Center Collaborates with Bloomsburg Psychological Center

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The Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation is pleased to announce they are now working together with Bloomsburg Psychological Center to offer divorce mediation services to couples in Bloomsburg, PA and surrounding areas.

The Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation is a full service mediation center providing the best path to lower the cost, timeline and stress of divorce. Over the past 18 years, Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation has helped over 5,000 people navigate through the challenges of divorce. Alpha Center provides attorneys to assist with the legal aspects of divorce as well as accountants and financial counselors to ensure that clients have the best financial futures possible.

The hallmark of Alpha Center’s full service divorce mediation program is their attention to how children are impacted before, during and after divorce. They provide trained parenting therapists to guide couples to create a “Parenting Plan” that protects children from the trauma that they suffer when their parents put them in the middle of a contentious “tug of war.”

The Bloomsburg Psychological Center, LLC has provided counseling services to the Bloomsburg community and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Their highly experienced group includes twelve therapists who provide individual, couple, family and children counseling. Their specialties include: EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mind/Body Work, Mindfulness Training, Play Therapy, Imago Therapy, Brainspotting and more. They all realize the importance of mental health in today’s society and they are working to help individuals get back on track with their lives.

Five therapists from Bloomsburg Psychological Center have now been trained to work with Alpha Center clients in the Bloomsburg area.  They will be assisting clients with developing their “Parenting Plan” and will provide facilities for clients to work directly with Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation to conclude the legal and financial aspects of their divorce.  Divorcing clients will have services close to their home and never have to set foot in a courthouse.

Together, Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation and Bloomsburg Psychological Center will be able to make the divorce transition less stressful, more affordable and ensure that children are handled with the care they need and deserve.

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