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Mar 6, 2014

How to Get Divorced Without Going Broke Or Crazy Workshop


When starting the divorce process, no one ever says “I plan on going broke and crazy.” However, many certainly do end up with a lot less money and a lot more stress when the transition is over. Divorces will always involve some level of stress, but the real issues arise when the participants allow emotions of pain, anger, and anxiety to run the show, rather than logic or common sense.

The Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation is determined to minimize stress and financial issues for as many divorcing couples as possible. In fact, over the past 20 years, the Alpha Center and its dedicated employees have helped more than 5,000 people navigate divorce in a way that helps them make sound financial and emotional decisions. This approach helps to minimize stress as much as possible during this trying time.

To educate more couples about our methods we will be holding a workshop at Temple University on March 15 for couples and individuals considering initiating a divorce. This workshop is designed to familiarize participants with the divorce process and the Alpha method. Attendees will learn some of the pitfalls of divorce and how to avoid them by making wise choices.

All the speakers involved have years of experience and valuable expertise to share with attendees. Enrollment is being limited, which helps us ensure that each participant will receive the individual attention they need. Our goal is to have every workshop attendee leave with the knowledge they need to feel empowered as they navigate the divorce transition.

The presenters will focus on different areas of the divorce process. Debbie Schneider, Esq., will educate attendees about the law and the courts and the role these institutions play in divorce. Financial Counselor Richard Catanese will teach attendees about the financial aspects of divorce and help them understand and manage their financial lives after the dust settles. Therapist Reb Brooks will offer insight into the effect of divorce on the lives of children and offer advice on how to minimize any collateral damage. Finally, Scott Rudolph, CPA will teach attendees about the tax implications of divorce and make sure they understand how to maximize their cash flow.

If you, or you and your spouse, are considering a divorce, this workshop will be an invaluable resource in preparing you for the process. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the complexities of divorce and the toll it can take on financial and emotional health. Attendees will leave able to approach divorce with an understanding of how not to go broke or crazy.

Look for our upcoming workshops, taking place in the spring and the fall. These will explore divorce recovery and marriage success (divorce avoidance).

Temple University
425 Commerce Drive
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Suite 175 Room #21
March 15th, 2014
12–3 p.m.
$20 per person or $30 per couple