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Jan 23, 2014

Getting Divorced Without Going Broke or Crazy

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No one begins a divorce transition saying “I plan on going broke and crazy” but many surely end up low on cash and high in stress.  The problem is they let their difficult emotions of pain, anger and anxiety take over while their commonsense takes a vacation.

We here at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation are determined to save as many people from that fate as we can.  In the past 20 years, we have helped over 5,000 people get through their divorce by managing their difficult emotions and making good financial decisions.

On February 15, we are presenting a workshop at Temple University to educate people who are contemplating or entering divorce.  Those who attend will gain the knowledge they need make good decisions and avoid the bad decisions that land them in a deeper hole.

The speakers all have many years of experience and will share their valuable expertise with the attendees.  The enrollment is being limited to ensure that everyone is given the kind of individual attention they need.  The goal is to have every workshop attendee leave with the knowledge they need to feel empowered as they navigate the divorce transition.

Debbie Schneider, Esquire, will educate attendees about the law and the courts.  Richard Catanese, Financial Counselor, will make sure they all understand what to do with their financial lives after the dust settles.  Reb Brooks, Therapist, will make sure they understand how to protect their children from the collateral damage they often suffer.  Scott Rudolph, CPA will enlighten everyone about the tax implications of divorce and make sure they understand how to maximize their cash flow.

There is no doubt that this is workshop will impart great knowledge to every attendee.   Look for our Spring and Fall Workshops to explore Divorce Recovery and Marriage Success (divorce avoidance).