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Apr 28, 2020

Infidelity – How it fits into PA divorce law

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The 1980 revision to the Pennsylvania Divorce Code established the ‘no-fault’ divorce. Before that, one spouse had to accuse the other spouse of a behavior that fit into a list of “fault grounds”. Infidelity was one of these grounds. Today, most PA divorces are no-fault. However, infidelity is still one of the driving, emotional reasons for divorce.

Where infidelity actually fits in PA divorce law

The ‘no-fault’ option means infidelity is not a legal consideration. However, the emotional trauma is so strong that people often feel that it should be considered. They mistakenly believe that the infidelity will guarantee they win a better settlement. Or they believe that somehow, they won’t have to pay any of the costs of their divorce. Or that their spouse will suffer a financial penalty.

This belief has very negative consequences if the couple are in litigation. They are often caught in an endless cycle of back-and-forth between their attorneys. This leads to increasing the legal fees that each person must pay. It also drags out the process needlessly, takes a huge emotional toll on the couple and their children, and can financially compromise them for several years.

Making smart decisions in your divorce

Here at the Alpha Center, we recognize the emotional pain that infidelity causes in a marriage. In our divorce mediation program, we focus on the couple’s future. We cover all the ‘what ifs’ so they are assured of an outcome that protects them and their family. Our program also makes sure they will not be vulnerable to future legal challenges and expenses. We help our clients create as firm a financial foundation as possible by guiding them to a balanced, well-thought plan for dividing assets and property. Our goal is the creation of healthy new lives for themselves and their children. For more information about our divorce mediation program, call 800-310-9085 or visit alpha-divorce.com.

Debbie Schneider is an attorney-mediator with the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation. Click here for Debbie’s profile and to contact her.

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