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Aug 21, 2014

Links for Couples Facing Divorce and Separation


Divorce Resources

  • Ojar.com

    A divorce support and recovery community for people under the age of 35. Many useful links for those contemplating breaking up, wanting to salvage a relationship and life after the separation.

  • Center for Divorce Education

    Resources for resolving post-divorce parenting conflicts and other divorce issues. Offering programs like Children in the Middle and After the Storm, the Center for Divorce Education is a non-profit corporation created to educate the public, the courts, the law and policymakers about divorce-related issues, with a goal of minimizing the negative impact of divorce for families.

  • Divorce Magazine

    Resource for the transition of separation and divorce with information, support, and guidance. Divorce Magazine online allows the privacy and security of viewing any articles specific to your position and concerns.