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Jan 25, 2013

Talking with Children about Divorce – Part II

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This is the 2nd post in our series on talking with your children about divorce.  We’ll be discussing what children worry about and ways you can reassure your children during your divorce and after.

What do children worry about?

How does divorce effect childrenChildren worry about the parent who is leaving:

  • Where will Dad live?
  • How will Mom manage?
  • Will Dad be safe?
  • Will Mom be comfortable and happy?

Children worry that they will be forced to take sides by their parents, grandparents, or other family members.

Children worry that they will have to choose one parent over the other.

Children worry about how family occasions such as birthdays and holidays will be celebrated.

Children worry about disrupted routines. Who will take care of them when they’re sick? Who will take them to soccer practice or piano lessons? Who will sign their report cards?

Parents should ask their children what they are worried about, recognizing that children might not be able to identify their concerns initially.

What can parents do to reassure children?

Once parents have identified their children’s concerns, they should try to respond honestly to them.

Important decisions such as living arrangements should be shared as soon as they are made.

Children need to know their parents will consider their feelings when making important decisions.

Because divorce is upsetting to everyone, they need to assure their children that things will work out and life will improve.

How can parents help children during a divorce?

In our third and final post in this series, we’ll give you a list of ways you can help your children survive your divorce.


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