Divorce in Pennsylvania

Breaking Up the Mortgage after the Marriage Breaks Up

Nov 27, 2017

Divorces are tough. They are tough emotionally. They are tough legally. They are tough financially. One of the many issues to face is what to do with your real estate. The marital home is probably one of your largest assets. … Read More

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Flying Blind: Why a DIY Divorce Can Cost You Money, Time and Conflict

Oct 30, 2017

As if contemplating divorce isn’t scary enough, how you handle the legal issues is crucial to how well you recover. In the DIY scenario, you can use forms downloaded from the internet. But assuming you have created the best possible … Read More

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New Law in PA Shortens Divorce Waiting Period

Jan 18, 2017

One Year Waiting Period Saves Time, Stress, Money, Better for Children Act 102, amendment to the Domestic Relations Code, is a positive change to Pennsylvania divorce law. In Pennsylvania, couples may divorce without a reason or fault, citing irreconcilable differences. … Read More

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