Divorce Periscope

Divorce Periscope Cheating and Divorce

Oct 21, 2016

Attorney Keila Gilbert and psychotherapist Stacee Paley discuss the issues and emotions experienced by the partner who cheats, the partner who is betrayed and the effects on the children of both the betrayal and the divorce. Read More

Children and Divorce with Keila Gilbert and Reb Brooks

Aug 09, 2016

Compared to the cost and distress of a court-ordered evaluation, mediating your co-parenting agreement benefits your children and you and your spouse. Reb Brooks has experience in both areas and can speak to why mediation is the better choice.   … Read More

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FAQ with Matt Pillischer

Jun 30, 2016

FAQ with Matt Pillischer (6/15/16)        

Wellness and Divorce with Eileen Priya

Apr 26, 2016

Wellness and Divorce with Eileen Priya (4/26/16)

Finance and Divorce with Steve Erfle

Apr 21, 2016

Finance and Divorce with Steve Erfle (4/20/16)

Litigation vs Mediation with Jamie Kloin

Mar 16, 2016

Alpha attorney-mediator Jamie Kloin, also a former client of the Alpha Center, explains the differences between litigation and mediation. She covers issues of cost, length of time, effect on children as well as the couple and post-divorce financial status and why Alpha’s team-based divorce mediation program offers a truly worthwhile option to traditional litigation that focuses on creating a solid foundation for the future Read More


Wellness and Divorce with Ruth Feinblum

Mar 02, 2016

Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation emphasizes a holistic, integrated approach to divorce with a focus on the well-being of the individuals. Therapist Ruth Feinblum discusses the importance of taking care of yourself during divorce, especially given the stress that affects an individual’s ability to focus on problems. Read More


Finance and Divorce with Sheila Jacobs

Feb 17, 2016

Certified Financial Planner Sheila Jacobs discuss the impact of the financial transition from a couple’s arrangement to an individual situation and ongoing family issues. She focuses on helping individuals gain financial literacy needed to make good decisions after divorce. Read More


Children and Divorce with Cindy Thiers

Feb 03, 2016

How do children deal with issues before during and after divorce? Therapist Cindy Thiers offers insights into what children think and suggestion on how to best communicate what is happening and how it affects their lives while making sure they feel secure. Read More


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