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Mar 1, 2019

Snap! Make My Divorce Appear!

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When faced with the reality of divorce, many people just want to get it over with. And there are many offers that claim this can be done.

Read divorce offers carefully

Some family law firms offer flat fee to get you divorced in as little as 30 days. However, you may have to meet a list of criteria that often requires your soon-to-be ex to sign a consent form and that your spouse will not file for alimony, spousal support or division of property. Or you may have to be already separated for at least a year.

Online offers for $200 or less for all the forms sound like a good deal. Just download, fill in the blanks and go.

Not so fast. It took time to build your marriage, thinking you can dismantle it with the snap of your fingers is only wishful thinking.

Consider what can go wrong

If you find the paperwork confusing, whom do you ask? Are you sure you know the laws in your state? What if you disagree on child support? Who’s paying for college? How about that retirement account? What about the house?

Without legal counsel, you may end back in court over and over. You may spend large amounts of money on attorneys in a contentious divorce that may drag on for years.

Do it right the first time. It’s not just a legal matter. It’s a life matter.

Take the first step on a path to a better life through Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation’s program. It offers you the best way to have your divorce done right by helping you navigate the important decisions for you, your family and your financial stability. Our team of mediation professionals will work to have your Marital Settlement Agreement done within 3-6 months.

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