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May 23, 2011

A Thank You Note from your child

Divorce Survival

Dear Mom and Dad,

 Divorce stinks and even though I don’t really understand why this is happening to us, I know it’s between the two of you and has nothing to do with me.  I know that because you both have told me.   One of the things that make me sad is that I don’t want things to change but things do change and if getting a divorce is going to make things better for each of you than I guess that’s OK. 

 I do want to thank you both though for not talking bad about the other.  I am part of each of you and if you criticize one of my parents, you’re criticizing half of me.  Thanks also for not asking me to choose between you.  I can’t do that that would be like choosing one child over another.  Could you do that? 

 I want to have a Mom and a Dad.  I need a Mom and a Dad and just because you won’t be married anymore, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you both remain my Mom and Dad.  I saw that when we went on vacation this year and I want to thank you for taking a break from the divorce and spending time to do non-divorce things.  It was really neat to see that we could all be together and still have some fun.  Although bunking in with Dad was neat, it was loud!  Is snoring hereditary?  Anyway, it was really cool that we can still like each other enough to go on vacation.   I know that things are going to continue to change and I’m sure I’ll be able to deal with it better now.   Thanks for showing me how.


Love you both,


Families going through divorce have added considerations when planning a vacation.  If you are considering taking a vacation with your soon-to-be ex and don’t feel extended time together is appropriate; consider day trips.  This will minimize any stresses and promote good feelings for the rest of your family.