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Mar 20, 2012

Minimizing Your Tax Liability During and After Divorce – Part 1 of 3

Divorce Survival

What time is it?  Well, for many Americans it’s tax time.  This may not be the most stimulating topic, but it is so critical to the divorce process.  Knowing how to file, who should claim the dependents and how to transfer assets correctly from one spouse to another can save one thousands of dollars now and in the future.

We have recorded a series of three videos to address these common issues.  Scott Rudolph, CPA answers three questions from Keila Gilbert, President of Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation, about the financial tax liabilities in the midst of a divorce.  Each answer offers strategies for successfully navigating through tax laws both during and after divorce.

In this video of our “Minimizing Your Tax Liability During and After Divorce”, Scott answers the question “What filing status should we use on our tax return?”  To discover the answer to this question, please view the video below.


We have assembled  some articles, calculators and tools on the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation website to help someone make informed decisions on taxes during this transition.  Please feel free to look around at our other resources while you are there.

For more information on Scott Rudolph, CPA  and additional tax tips and tools, please visit his website at www.scottrudolphcpa.com.

Join us next week as Scott answers the question “Which spouse typically gets to claim the children as dependents on their tax return?”