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Jul 31, 2015

Surviving Divorce by Reclaiming Your Life – Rekindle Your Spirit (Part Four of Five)

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So far, we’ve looked at how to rebuild your life after divorce by actively taking charge of the physical, emotional and financial aspects. Now it’s time to reach a little deeper and revitalize your spiritual life – the engine that motivates you.

Revive Your Inner Self

Expressions such as “keep the faith” or “keep your spirits up” allude to cultivating a state of hopeful expectation. That’s difficult to do when you’re in the process of divorcing. There are so many demands competing for your attention. It’s enough of a struggle to keep your body healthy, your mind sound and your emotions in check. And hope may be in short supply.

“When we feel safe and serene, we can hear that ‘still small voice’ inside that allows ourselves to hope.” William Dean Howells, poet

That’s the key—to find a place where you feel safe and serene. Some people turn to churches, synagogues, mosques or non-denominational chapels for sanctuary and peace. Others experience nature as their cathedral: the rhythm of the pounding surf like a primal heartbeat, the majesty of a stand of redwoods, the lullaby of bees in a field of wildflowers. Still others go inside themselves. They meditate. There are so many ways to achieve mindfulness: silent retreats, walking meditations, Transcendental Meditation, to name a few. Nearly every adult and community education program offers courses in meditation. There are even meditation apps for smart phones and tablets.

Or maybe you already have a familiar place you find peaceful or have a practice of your own design from which you draw inspiration. If not, try a class on meditation, or go for hike in the woods. Join a congregation or download an app.

You’ll know when you find your way. You’ll feel unburdened, lighter and buoyant because, as Emily Dickinson wrote:

  • Hope’ is the thing with feathers—
  • That perches in the soul—

Nothing will revitalize you more than having faith in the present and hope for the future. Keep on experimenting until you find your path to serenity.

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