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Sep 25, 2018

Surviving Divorce. How Will I Get Through This?

Divorce Survival

In the Linda Ronstadt song “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me”, she sings about a breakup. She describes it as he “put me through some changes Lord. Sort of like a Waring blender”. Divorce can feel like that you are whirring in that blender.

Before divorce, you had a family, friends, home and work. During divorce, this changes rapidly, even crumbles. Your life rapidly spins out of control. You live with fear, anxiety, depression and anger on a daily basis.

There’s no “magic pill” to cure for these emotions. But you still have to deal with your day-to-day life. So, what can you do to get through this situation? Here are some suggestions for coping.

  • Accept that your life is changing and stop “fighting” it.
  • Stop beating up yourself and your spouse up too.
  • Gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself so be grateful for all of your “gifts”.
  • Focus on your future life and put your energies toward making it great.
  • Encourage friends and family to give you extra love but no pity, vengeance or legal advice.
  • Do everything you can to handle your divorce peacefully, through mediation.
  • Wait at least two years before you embark on another romantic relationship.

As the saying goes “This too shall pass” and when it is done, those who follow these tips will be amazed at how much better their lives will become.

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