Divorce Mediation Gives You More Control over Your Financial and Support Decisions

Mar 22, 2019

Dealing with finances during separation and divorce is a two-step process. The first is to divide the marital assets and debts. The second is to determine what future financial payments are due from one person to the other. Dividing Assets … Read More

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Your Divorce and Social Media Etiquette

Mar 19, 2019

Social Media and Divorce In the past, news about your pending divorce might take a while to travel. Not today. Details about your entire life are instantly available to the world thanks to social media. If you or your family … Read More

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Poof! Make my Marriage Disappear!

Mar 11, 2019

Actress Anna Faris, who shares a five-year-old son with Chris Pratt, recently said that “it feels so easy to get married” at first, but “the untangling” of divorce gets messy. Take the Time to Untangle the Right Way At some … Read More

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Snap! Make My Divorce Appear!

Mar 01, 2019

When faced with the reality of divorce, many people just want to get it over with. And there are many offers that claim this can be done. Read divorce offers carefully Some family law firms offer flat fee to get … Read More

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Flying Blind: Why a DIY Divorce Can Cost You Money, Time and Conflict

Oct 30, 2017

As if contemplating divorce isn’t scary enough, how you handle the legal issues is crucial to how well you recover. In the DIY scenario, you can use forms downloaded from the internet. But assuming you have created the best possible … Read More

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Being Tax Savvy During Divorce Can Lead to a Better Financial Future

Jul 18, 2017

The saying goes that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But when couples divorce, tax ramifications that can be a financial “kiss of death” if ignored. A key part of Alpha’s divorce mediation program is to … Read More

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Divorce and Work: Keeping Your Job During Your Divorce

Jun 27, 2017

With so much of your life upended during divorce, your job is that last thing you want to risk. You are moving your residence, your social circle is changing, your finances are challenging, and your parenting is affected. On top … Read More

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Conscious Uncoupling: Divorce in the 21st Century – Part 3

May 03, 2017

Choosing to Transition Out of a Marriage with Grace and Kindness Celebrity divorces are no longer shocking. But what grabs the headlines and gets the internet twittering is not terse press releases from the stars’ publicists. But statements such as … Read More

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New Law in PA Shortens Divorce Waiting Period

Jan 18, 2017

One Year Waiting Period Saves Time, Stress, Money, Better for Children Act 102, amendment to the Domestic Relations Code, is a positive change to Pennsylvania divorce law. In Pennsylvania, couples may divorce without a reason or fault, citing irreconcilable differences. … Read More

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Mediation for Divorce: A Sensible Alternative to Litigation

Oct 27, 2016

Written for the monthly newsletter for the Philadelphia Estate Planning Council, Debbie Schneider’s article examines divorce mediation as a rational, reasonable approach that offers significant benefits over traditional litigation. Debbie Schneider, is an attorney-mediator for Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation … Read More

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