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Divorce is not just a legal matter ... its a life matter.

Parenting Mediator

Victoria Alercia-Casella

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Vicky is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an MS and BA in Clinical Counseling Psychology and a minor in Elementary Education. She works with Individuals, couples, and family & groups. Her experience includes over 15 years at various organizations in the Lehigh Valley. She is also a member of Family Connections Board Member, Chestnut Hill College Mentorship Program, Mainstreet Initiative, the American Counseling Association, and the Lehigh Valley Psychological Association.

We all struggle at times and I truly believe that we are meant to come together and help each other out during these difficult moments. There will always be someone who understands at a deeper level and is able to offer kindness, compassion and guide you through the steps to becoming a healthier individual. Sometimes the most difficult step is the first one, which is asking for help.

Begin each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.

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