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Jun 12, 2011

More Paperwork?


After my divorce decree came in the mail, I called up my attorney and thanked her for her patience during the divorce process and specifically for dealing with my ex-husband and his entourage of attorneys.  I was not as fortunate as some couples who follow the growing trend of divorce mediation instead of litigation.  My litigated divorce was lengthy, costly and very stressful.  Although I found my attorney quite competent, professional, and even personable; I was very happy to never have to see her again!  And I told her so.   I was quite surprised when she responded to my remarks with: “We’ve really only just begun – give yourself a little time and we’ll get together and start putting YOUR new life back together”.

UGH!  The last thing I wanted to do was to deal with any further legal “mumbo-jumbo”.  She persisted of course and I am very glad
she did.  You know why?  Even though it was all those things I knew I had to do – it did in fact help me regain a sense of who I am.  By reviewing, defining and declaring my new status as an independent single woman – I began to feel so much better about my status and my future.  My confidence returned as I set up new bank accounts, restructured my mortgage, made a new will, and changed the beneficiary on my life insurance policy.   I cut up all my married credit cards – notified the card issuers of my change in status and opened up two new cards under my name only.  I also verified with the three credit card bureaus that all the joint credit cards were paid off and closed.

With some assistance, I’m on my way to a new life – in control of my own destiny and it feels good!