Documentary Film Chooses Alpha Center to Moderate Philadelphia Discussion Panel

Divorce Corp Documentary FilmThe team behind the film “Divorce Corp” has chosen Keila M. Gilbert, Esq., President and founder of Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation to moderate the discussion panel for the Philadelphia screening of their new documentary.

This explosive documentary film, which is narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky, exposes the horrors of the $50 billion dollar divorce industry in our country. The film reveals the excessive emotional and financial cost of our existing court divorce system on divorcing couples and their children. It provides startling details about how morally bankrupt professionals exploit these struggling people for their own financial gain.

The Divorce Corp team said that Ms. Gilbert was chosen to moderate the discussion panel because of her profile, influence and experience in the Philadelphia area communities. She pioneered the first interdisciplinary divorce mediation program in Pennsylvania 20 years ago and has continued to devote her efforts toward reducing the time, money and stress of those struggling with their divorce transition.

According to Ms. Gilbert, the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation program’s 85% success rate is due to their steadfast attention to what is best for their client.

“We give our clients the support and guidance they need to focus on what really matters; the well-being of their children and their financial security after divorce. We put their financial interests ahead of ours by keeping our fees reasonable so that they can send their own children to college rather than their divorce attorney’s.”

Previews and locations of this compelling documentary can be seen at www.divorcecorp.com. The panel discussion Ms. Gilbert is conducting will be held at the AMC Theatre in Cherry Hill after the 7:00 pm screening on January 11, 2014.

For more information about the film screening contact: Arielle Krauss, Outreach Coordinator, Alpha Resource Center at alphaoutreach@AlphaResourceCenter.com or call 1-800-310-9085.

For more information about the Alpha Center Divorce Mediation Program contact: www.Alpha-Divorce.com or call 1-800-310-9085.

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