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Testimonials from our clients here at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation

“Our attorney-mediator has been wonderful in the hardest situation I have ever had to deal with. They were compassionate, understanding and fair.” – AA

“Our attorney-mediator was a wonderful asset.” – MH

“Our attorney-mediator was excellent and has been a big help during this difficult time.” – DA

“This has been a positive experience.” – MH

“I can certainly see why you have an 85% success rate- you have a genuine and caring demeanor that I’m not used to seeing in most people.” – DH

“The process of going through a divorce probably has to be the single most difficult challenge I’ve personally faced. I appreciate everything your organization provided throughout this difficult time. Mediation is absolutely the right way to go and the continued support has helped make a life changing event turn into an opportunity to begin a new chapter. “- MK

“I was impressed by their professionalism, honesty and understanding of the emotional toll involved with divorce.” ~ J.I.

“I really liked being able to completely control all issues regarding our children’s well-being.”~ S.V.

“Had we not found Alpha, I truly believe we would have been one of those expensive, ugly statistics.” ~ A.S.

“Our Attorney Mediator was not only professional and thorough but also caring. Everything exceeded my expectations.” ~ T.D.

“Sometimes I read some of the old emails between our mediator and us. I use it as a reminder of how far I have come. It is a reminder to continue to be thankful for my current blessings and peace.” ~ H.F.

“Although divorce is something I didn’t anticipate happening in my life, if it had to happen, I’m thankful that a service like the one that Alpha provides is available.” ~ J.G.

“This was a positive experience in a difficult situation.” ~ T.J.

“I would recommend Alpha Center to everyone. If two people can be halfway civil, this is the way to do it.” ~ J.D.

“I was very impressed with the Alpha Therapist Mediator who helped us with our Parenting Plan. She was extremely knowledgeable and brought up excellent situations for us to think through. We were very pleased with this part of our mediation program.” ~ M.K.

“Thank you for being very professional with a difficult subject.” ~ M.M.

“Effective way to end your marriage without the huge expense.” ~ L.P.

“I found that my ex-husband and I dealt with things in a mature fashion and remain good friends and good parents.” ~ L.S.

“Extremely professional and impartial, yet empathetic.” ~ N.F.

“Our attorney-mediator was prompt, attentive and courteous, she shepherded us through what could have been a contentious process. I’d recommend her to anyone needing her services.” ~ M.C.

“Our Therapist Mediator has good experience to draw from and listened to each of our concerns.” ~ E.K.

“While looking for an alternative to a confrontational lawyer-led divorce, an attorney friend recommended my wife and I consider Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation. After reading their web information, we made an appointment for the information session. The program seemed to be logical, sequential, and comprehensive. Working with our attorney-mediator and the staff made a marriage’s worst situation as bearable as possible. We were led through estate, financial, and needs analysis that produced an equitable distribution of resources. During this process we were encouraged to get second opinions and also had access to a tax accountant and a budget counselor. Our attorney-mediator was a strong, knowledgeable, influence throughout the process. She was able to calm emotional periods, answer any questions, and keep us on task to achieve an agreement. I would recommend, without hesitation, the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation to any couple in the difficult situation of considering divorce.” ~ J.S.

“Ideally, marriages don’t end in divorce. But for couples where this is the only option, I highly recommend Alpha’s mediation services. Their professionalism, subject matter expertise, impartiality and empathy are unparalleled. I found their holistic approach affordable and the difference to restarting life with peace and stability.” ~ J.M.

“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to you for your guidance and advice during this transition. You have practiced patience and understanding while providing clarity much needed during a very stressful time. I am happy to finally be able to legally move on! While certain things did not pan out as I had hoped I will continue to pray that my ex-husband and I find peace with each other for ourselves but most importantly for our children. Thank you again and as always you will come highly recommended from me.” ~ J.R.

“It is really a shame, to me at least, that more divorcing couples do not make every effort to undo their marriage via this kind of mediation. So much is lost and squandered in the way of money and emotional well-being, when with proper guidance and forward-looking wisdom this option can prove so effective.” ~ M.W.

“It has been a real pleasure working with you. Thank you for being prompt, professional & personable during this process. (4 words starting with “P” is probably plenty!) Hope you have a wonderful summer. Warmest, ~ K

“Our attorney-mediator has made this process smooth and painless as possible. Thanks.” ~ DN

“I’ll never forget when our attorney-mediator gave me a hug and expressed compassion for me. She saw my eyes well up and knew I needed some comfort. That meant so much to me, Thank you!” ~ JK

“I hear lots of horror stories from others about emotionally and financially draining litigation. Luckily this was not our experience at all. It is of course a trying time for us nonetheless, but thanks to Alpha we were able to negotiate calmly and respectfully with one another. ~ JK

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