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Most Alpha Center Clients want to legally terminate their marriage so that they have no further legal connection with their spouse. Although their signed Marital Settlement Agreement separates their rights and responsibilities, they are still technically married. They must get a Divorce Decree from the court signed by a judge to finally end the marriage.

The professionals at Alpha Center know that going to court is a very unpleasant experience that everyone wants to avoid if possible. That is why they guide their Clients so that they can secure their Divorce Decree by mail without the hassle and stress of going to “court,” if possible.

Once you receive the official divorce decree document in the mail, your divorce will be behind you! Then you can start your “New Beginning” with the help of the resources available at the Alpha Resource Center website.

Court Decree — Questions and Answers

What is a Divorce Decree?
It is a one-page document issued by a judge that terminates your marriage.

How to Get a Divorce Decree from the Court
Each court has a particular set of requirements to secure a divorce decree. Generally, the procedures are very precise and time sensitive. Alpha Center professionals will give you the guidance you need to secure your divorce decree.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce Decree?
The time it takes to get a Divorce Decree varies in each court and by client circumstances. Sometimes a Divorce Decree can be issued within two months of application and, if a waiting period is applied it can take several months.

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