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It is common for people who have navigated the rough waters of separation or divorce to want to “check out” after their Agreement is signed. Most attorneys believe their job is done and do nothing to guide their clients into a stable financial future. As a result of Client reluctance and attorney detachment, a valuable opportunity for securing the future is missed.

The professionals at Alpha Center truly care about the well-being of our Clients, and we know that wise future planning is the key to security and contentment for life after divorce. That is why every Client is given the opportunity to meet individually with a financial counselor after their Marital Settlement Agreement is signed. This service is included at no cost with the legal service.

The advice Clients receive in this meeting can change the trajectory of their finances from a downward spiral toward upward growth and stability.

Alpha Meeting

The Alpha Center takes a holistic approach to client finances. The Alpha Center Councilor reviews all financial documentation including the Marital Settlement Agreement to have a full understanding of clients new situation. Our review actively engages the clients thoughts and opinions in creating a forward looking budget and balance sheet. These documents can then be used to track client progress towards a stable financial future. We also take time to objectively review investment and retirement portfolios to ensure those assets accurately reflect the clients new updated situation and need.

Plan Future — Questions and Answers

When is the Best Time to begin Planning your Future after Divorce?
The best time to begin planning is when you begin separation or divorce. Before you make each and every decision, ask yourself one question: How will this impact my future and the future of my children?

Are there Professionals who can Help me Plan my Future?
There are many fine personal and financial counselors who can help you set your life goals and follow through with the steps you need to take to make them a reality. The Alpha Center Resource Directory contains many professionals who have been vetted and approved by Alpha’s Team Members and clients.

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Alpha Professionals know that no matter what relationship stage you are in, you can improve your odds of having a healthy marriage or a fulfilling single life in the future.

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