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Divorce is not just a legal matter, it’s a life matter.
Our goal is to make sure every aspect of your life is carefully considered during this transition and into your new life.

Best Value

Many legal practices promise a “fast, cheap & easy” divorce that often leads to a flawed, expensive and difficult outcome. Even more concerning are online DIY offers.

Here at Alpha we offer the most affordable way to handle your divorce sensibly. When comparing divorce services, make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’. Ask yourself if you are getting a complete program? Are additional services available at an add-on cost? Or are you told to get an outside resource?

Alpha offers the most comprehensive services available. We look at every aspect of your situation. We never cut corners to improve profits. The best interests of our clients always come first, even when it means we earn less.

Trusted Advice

We offer only divorce mediation services. Recently divorce litigation attorneys are marketing themselves as divorce mediators. You should be aware that a simple conversation can land you in an unnecessary and expensive legal battle.

Recently a well-known professional in our area called a firm that does both divorce mediation and divorce litigation. She clearly indicated that she was interested in divorce mediation and gave them her information and her husband’s and was instructed to ask him to call. When he called for information, it resulted in him retaining the firm to begin litigation proceedings against his Wife. They have been in litigation for the past year with no end in sight.

The best way to avoid the risk of this “bait & switch” is to search the internet to see if the “divorce mediator” attorney you are calling is also a “divorce litigator”. Before you call or chat with a firm that does both mediation and litigation, make sure that you and your spouse call together and that you both remain fully determined to mediate your divorce.

Of course, the best thing you can do is call Alpha Center so that you can be sure that divorce mediation is the only service that has ever been offered for the past 25 years.

Expert Guidance

Our attorney-mediators bring in knowledgeable experts to make sure your specific parenting, tax and financial counseling needs are taken care of. The best interests of our clients always come first, even when it costs us more. Ignoring these needs or leaving them up to a “jack of all trades” attorney is highly likely to diminish the quality of your outcome. If you had a serious heart problem, you would drive by the Minute Clinic and go to a hospital. A divorce is a serious life matter so it is important for you to seek the highest expertise available to ensure your best possible outcome.

We know you have many concerns and fears you have at at this time. That’s why we always encourage you to ask questions. We want to make sure you understand your options, so you can make good decisions for yourself and your family.

Careful Planning

The saying that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is very true during divorce. We make sure to help you carefully plan your transition and your future life as well.

Experts say that divorce is the second only to the death of a spouse in difficult life experiences. The The cruel irony is that you must make important decisions that will seriously impact your life, when your mind is clouded with anxiety, fear, anger and pain. While it is tempting to want to ignore important details, we know that it is best to carefully plan your your new future.

Smart Timing

Moving too fast through a divorce may leave important issues unresolved. Move too slowly and you can find yourself legally and financially vulnerable. You and your family may remain trapped in unbearable tension. We ensure that our clients move forward at a pace that is between those two extremes so that they can begin their new lives with full confidence that they have made good decisions and transitioned wisely

Dedicated Support

There is never a clock ticking or a cash register ringing here at Alpha Center. Once we take you into our program, we are available to you throughout your transition and the years ahead. There are never charges for emails or telephone calls even when you have successfully concluded our program.

When circumstances change in your life, even years down the road, just reach out to use and we will respond promptly with our best support and guidance.

Our Locations

Divorce is not just a legal matter ... its a life matter.

Alpha Center's divorce mediation teams are now available online or in person at our convenient locations.


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