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May 9, 2011

Camp is not just for kids!

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Did you ever go to camp as a youth?  I’m not referring to day camp which is sometimes a little like school but its outside and you were supposed to get dirty.  I’m referring to an overnight or sleep-a-way camp.  Your bags were packed making sure you had ample bug spray and sun-screen, writing materials to write home about all the adventures you were having and a trinket or two that was meant to bring a little “home” with you so you wouldn’t get lonely.

You were dropped off at a large camp site with lots of other wide-eyed campers and had butterflies in your stomach because you really didn’t know if you were going to like this one bit.  In a short time however, you were bunked with a group of similar campers and called to attention by the counselor in charge. 

Soon trepidation turned to giggles as you met new friends and spent the next week or so doing things you never thought possible.  You were given opportunities to challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  You may have even been surprised and found out things about yourself that you never knew you could do or enjoy.  It really was a tremendous time for self awareness, to stretch the boundaries a little and learn new things.

Newsflash!  Camp is not just for kids. 

There are camps available today for adults (with or without their children) that can bring back the same opportunities for self-awareness, new experiences and meeting new friends. Imagine spending quality time with the kids in a totally different setting, where you could enjoy one another’s company and get away from the day-to-day pressures, routines, and responsibilities of home? 

I found a great resource at www.grownupcamps.com that indexes camps all over the US and abroad.  There are single parent camps and adult camps on everything imaginable like: sports, adventure, performing arts, fantasy, educational and even special interests like yoga or cooking!

So what are you doing this summer?  I’m going to camp.