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Jan 25, 2022

The 2022 Pennsylvania Child Support Modification

Children and Divorce

Effective January 1, 2022, Pennsylvania revised the child support guidelines. The legislature routinely reviews the child support guideline and formula, every four years, to reflect any changes in the cost of living. The child support guidelines are designed around an income shares model, which means that both parties are required to disclose their income and have the responsibility to support their children. The statistical model that is used to generate the formula measures the portion of household income that intact families spend to feed, clothe, and house their children, with the expectation that divorced, separated and unmarried parents would spend the same amount on their children.

Debbie Y. Schneider, Esq., an Attorney at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation provides updates on the revised child support guidelines, effective as of January 1, 2022

The child support formula has two components. The first is for combined household income up to $30,000 per month. Those guideline increases are between 10% and up to 24%, as incomes gets close to $30,000 per month. All of the scenarios assume there is no shared custody adjustment.

For families with incomes over $30,000 per month, there is a three-step process was first described in caselaw and is now set forth in detail in the guideline instructions. That calculation essentially mandates that a Court look at what the reasonable needs are of the family are in setting child support.

It is important that practitioners, either litigators or mediators understand the application of the guidelines. Automatic increases are not done, so either parent can seek a modification by filing in Court or contacting your mediator at the ALPHA CENTER.

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