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Jan 28, 2011

New Beginnings in Hollywood; takes True Grit!

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My boss put a topic of the blog in front of me, Celebrity’s…Really…How am I going to make that happen I wonder hearing very little of the continued conversation after this topic revelation.  New Beginnings in Hollywood…Really…when I think of Hollywood marriages, especially second marriages I have a hard time finding a couple that has stood the test of time in a blended family.  We all hear about the recent marriages, and the divorces, but we don’t hear anything if there is no drama.  Not sure how I am going to pull this blog off, hhhmmmm, I will have to really think about this one. 

            My husband John and I went on a date last week and saw the remake of “True Grit” and after the movie I found myself thinking about the real lives of the actors. 

            Josh Brolin, AHHH there it is!  My blended family in Hollywood!  I found it!

            Josh Brolin and Diane Lane have been married since 2004.  Both Josh and Diane were married before.  Josh to Alice Adair from 1988-1992, they had two children; Trevor in 1988 and Eden in 1993.  Diane to Christopher Lambert from 1988-1994, they had one child Eleanor in 1993.

            Diane it is said after her divorce had been uninterested in dating and held to “Hey I have a kid so back off!”  This it turns out did not dissuade Josh, he simply replied, “Yeah that’s great so do I.”  And so the story begins.  As I look into this marriage I find problems, claims of abuse that are later called misunderstandings, rumors of cheating that are all the rage in Hollywood, and alcohol abuse that may or may not be exaggerated.  Something else I find is a commitment to family, and each other that is often not seen and surely not celebrated in a world addicted to hot gossip. 

            Diane is quoted as saying, “Marriage is the willingness to be vulnerable, the willingness to bite my tongue, the willingness to set an example of what I believe in.  Marriage is hard sometimes, it may not always be comfortable but it sure has made me a better person.”

            My marriage has been tough at times, easy others, hott with 2 T’s, and cool as a cucumber.  I have been a great wife, and a wife in need of tutoring, a super mom, and a mom that wants calgone to take her away.  And I find that Diane is right!  Not always comfortable but it sure is making me a better person! 

            So New Beginnings in Hollywood and New Beginnings in Doylestown PA are a lot alike, less the multi million dollar homes, and the award shows where the dresses cost more then I make in a year.  The bottom line is the same, New Beginnings are complex, character building and worth it.  

By Mattie Singer