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Nov 9, 2011

Please Stay Tuned for a Format Change

Divorce and General Articles

Divorce SurvivalThe title makes us sound a little like a radio station.  That aside, we have decided to change things up a little and focus on the “Divorce Survival” topic.  We are in the middle of producing a series of videos covering divorce trends and challenges.  Our goal is to share these videos on our blog, as well as, our website and YouTube channel.

We have enlisted the help of professionals in the fields of financial literacy, law, college planning, taxes, real estate and psychology to create videos on common trends and challenges that one may experience while going through the process of divorce.  You will receive valuable information and tools from real experts in the divorce field in a format that we hope you will enjoy.

It’s our way of “pulling back the curtain.”  Have you ever wondered: “Who is the author of this article or blog post?  What is their area of expertise?” Unfortunately, in an effort to create content and increase search engine rankings, some articles and blog posts are created by ghost writers.  Our goal is make sure that our posts are fresh, relevant and created by our team of experts and yours truly.

Who is “yours truly?”  Well, I am just a normal guy from Doylestown, PA that has experienced the divorce process myself.  I am not a writer by profession, so if I occasionally have issues with my grammar or struggle to make my posts eloquent, please forgive me.  Actually, I am a CPA by profession (yes, a bean counter) who specializes in helping divorcing couples with tax planning and preparation.  Feel free to “Google me.”  My name is Scott Rudolph (no, not the not-so-famous actor).  Enough about me!

So, let’s recap.  You can expect from our blog:

  • Videos on divorce trends and challenges from various professionals in the divorce field.
  • Fresh blog posts and insights on divorce survival from a real person in the trenches.
  • Guest posts from other divorce professionals.
I hope you enjoy our new format.  If you have a topic relevant to divorce trends and challenges that you would like us to cover, please let me know.  Until our next post…