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Oct 3, 2011

Stress in Your Marriage?

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Women and Men think differently – understanding this concept reduces the stress in your relationship!

Stress can be both good and bad for your marriage. The key is how you handle it and if you can recognize stress in your relationship. When any of these symptoms start to creep into your marriage, make time together to step back and re-evaluate your life style and commitment to one another.

Physical Symptoms:
• Difficulty sleeping
• Poor appetite or overeating
• Frequent colds, flu, other illnesses

Emotional Symptoms:
• More arguments
• Sexual and intimacy problems
• More anger, irritation
• Low toleration level
• Anxious
• Depressed
• Tense

How to Cope with Stress:
One of the best ways to cope with stress is to better understand how men and women think about stress. Men typically compartmentalize their thoughts and subsequently deal with matters within the context of their mental “boxes”. Women on the other hand, deal with their thoughts as everything affects everything else. Here is a fun look at the differences between men and women and how they “think” differently and subsequently react to life’s stresses in a sometimes conflicting way. Enjoy this with your spouse and see how true it is to your relationship!

Other tips include:
• Eat healthy foods
• Get enough sleep
• Drink water throughout the day
• Make time for exercise
• Have some fun and laugh more
• As a couple, try to spend some time alone together
• Be supportive of one another