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Jan 28, 2011

TRUE GRIT: marriage

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Marriage can be described as a lot of things:  a rollercoaster, a war, a journey, a gift, and even a long hang-over.  But one thing marriage can definitely be considered is a challenge.  Committing yourself to one person for life can seem as poetic as it is difficult, and it will often test your mettle to the very core.  Marriage demands nothing less than your all: all of your strength, all of your might, all of your patience, all of your loyalty, all of your courage, and all of your determination.  How much more difficult is it then, for those in the glitzy and plastic world of Hollywood.  Hollywood, a town of temptations, facades, paparazzi, and sin, would seem to be the most hostile place for the traditional vows.  I remember once hearing it said that marriage is like a stain glass window, with a crowd gathered around holding bricks.  Indeed, it seems that the world itself is looking to thwart marriages.

But even in Hollywood people are beating the odds.  They are proving that statistics are not the undeniable truth, and that commitment is limited only to the measure of your will and desire.  I will be focusing in on just one of those admirable couples, Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston.  After proving on the Silver Screen that he has True Grit in the wild west, he has also proven that he has it in the real world, where it really counts.  An Academy Award winning actor, Jeff has been married to his wife Susan Geston since 1977.  They met on the movie shoot of Rancho Deluxe, which was filmed on a ranch where Geston was working as a maid.[18] They have three daughters: Isabelle (born in 1981), Jessica Lily (born in 1983), and Hayley Roselouise (born in 1985).

Mr. Bridges was asked about his thoughts on marriage and provided his insight: 

Jeff Bridges: “If you’re married you’ll have tough times, and it’s what you do when you reach those times. You draw a line, and then if your partner crosses that line you say, ‘Well, is that it?’ or, ‘Am I going to enlarge my concept of what love is?’ You open your heart. The next time you have a problem, you think, ‘I can’t lose this; it’s too precious.'”
Source: Elaine Lipworth. “The secrets of my success: Jeff Bridges.” DailyMail.co.uk. 2/13/2010

This kind of story truly is an inspiration to all us, because it shows that love can conquer all odds, that if nurtured and protected, it will flourish and become unbreakable.  The world is full of darkness, temptations, and opportunities to fail.  But with each of those opportunities to do wrong, we are also presented with an opportunity to do right.  Each challenge is a chance to strengthen our relationships and further cement our own core values.  It is up to us to decide how we wish to proceed.  Are we going to draw a line in the sand and prepare for war, or are we going to open our hearts and realize that there is no line… 

Another fine article brought to you by your friendly Kit Rodgers, a scholar in relationships who is proving with his wife Dahlia that Marriage rocks!