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Feb 26, 2021

Making Mediation Work – an attorney-mediator’s point of view

Divorce Mediation

When I thought about writing this blog, I tried to identify the “perfect” couple to come through Alpha’s mediation program. As I reviewed my list of clients, I tried to look at why they succeeded of didn’t. After some thought, I realized the successful couples shared similar characteristics .

So, what are the characteristics of a couple that made mediation work for them?


Within the first 5-10 minutes of an initial consult, it’s generally apparent whether the couple has mutual respect for each other. The tone in which they speak and acknowledge the other person’s feelings and thoughts is obvious. A couple respects each other and makes an effort to understand that they are both going through a difficult time makes it likely they will succeed.


When there is respect, it usually translates into trust as well. Although the difficult situation may bring out some trust issues between the parties, a mediator can guide the discussions toward positive conversations. When there is trust and respect, it is much more likely that each partner will listen and hear what the other is expressing.


When people take the time to communicate respectfully, the decisions are based much more on reasonable compromises. The goal in mediation is to arrive at decisions that are fair and equitable for both spouses. This is the heart of how the Alpha center works.

If you have any questions or would just like information about how Alpha’s mediation program may work for you, please reach out to us at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation.

Michael Hughes, Esq. is an attorney-mediator with the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation. He can be reached at 800-310-9085 or mehughes@alpha-divorce.com.