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If you’re considering divorce, you know it can be emotionally difficult and overwhelming, even in the most agreeable situations. During this challenging time, you deserve a process that prioritizes open communication, minimizes conflict, and leads to a fair and amicable resolution. Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation offers divorce mediation in Yardley, PA, as a powerful tool to achieve just that.

At Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation, you and your spouse can work with one of our neutral mediation lawyers to agree on all aspects of your divorce, including division of assets and debts, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a collaborative process where a neutral third party, a mediation lawyer, facilitates communication between spouses going through a divorce. Unlike a traditional court battle, divorce mediation empowers you and your spouse to work together to reach agreements concerning all aspects of your divorce, including:

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation offers numerous advantages compared to a court-ordered divorce, including:

Who Can Benefit from Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a viable option for many couples considering divorce, particularly beneficial in situations where both spouses are committed to working together in good faith, open communication channels are present, there is a willingness to compromise and reach mutually beneficial agreements, and a shared desire exists to minimize the emotional and financial strain of divorce.

Finding the Right Divorce Mediator in Yardley, PA

Finding a qualified and experienced divorce mediator is crucial for a successful mediation process.

When selecting a mediator, ensure they possess expertise in family law, specifically a deep understanding of Pennsylvania family law statutes and regulations. The mediator should remain neutral and impartial throughout the process, have effective communication skills to facilitate productive discussions, possess conflict resolution skills adept at de-escalating tension and guiding conversations toward solutions, and have a proven track record of successful divorce mediation cases in Bucks County.

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Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation provides exceptional divorce mediation services in Yardley, PA, and throughout Bucks County. We understand the challenges associated with divorce, and our experienced mediators will guide you through a respectful and collaborative process to reach a fair and amicable solution. We are committed to supporting you through this challenging time.

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“Our attorney-mediator has been wonderful in the hardest situation I have ever had to deal with. They were compassionate, understanding and fair.”

“Our attorney-mediator was a wonderful asset.”

“Our attorney-mediator was excellent and has been a big help during this difficult time.”


Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation in Yardley, PA

Is mediation mandatory in Bucks County?

Mediation is not mandatory in Bucks County, but the courts encourage it as an alternative dispute resolution method due to its various benefits.

Do I need separate lawyers if we choose divorce mediation?

While not mandatory, some couples may choose to have separate legal representation during mediation. This can be helpful for individual legal advice or reviewing the final agreement. However, the mediators themselves cannot provide legal advice, so consulting with separate attorneys is entirely up to you and your spouse.

How long does mediation take?

The length of the mediation process depends on the complexity of the case and both parties’ willingness to reach an agreement.

What happens after mediation?

If a successful agreement is reached, the mediator will draft a memorandum of understanding outlining the settlement terms. Each party’s individual attorneys can review this document, which can then be filed with the court to finalize the divorce.


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