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Dec 28, 2022

Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation

Choosing a divorce mediator is the first thing a couple divorcing will need to agree to. It will be one of the most important decisions spouses reach during their divorce.

Michael Hughes, Esq., an attorney-mediator at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation discusses important qualities that you should consider before choosing an appropriate divorce mediator.

In divorce mediation, you will discuss issues that are important to both of you and can be both personal and emotional. You will cover custody, financial and other matters that can be triggers for you or your spouse. As you are going through this process, your mediator will be working with you to make the best outcome for both you and your spouse.

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right family mediator. I list some that are important qualities that you should consider before choosing an appropriate divorce mediator.

Can you trust your mediator?

One of the most important things that you need to be able to do is to select a mediator that you trust to guide you through the mediation process. There may be high emotions, angst and anger at times through mediation. Your mediator should be someone you feel comfortable with as a person and as a professional, and someone who can work through difficult issues.

The question really is, do you feel that your mediator is honest and trustworthy? Do you feel informed properly by your mediator? Are you making appropriate decisions based on the information provided by the mediator? A good mediator will allow parties to seek independent legal advice during or after the mediation process so that they are confident of what they are agreeing to.

Another area to be concerned with is to verify that the mediator’s practice area is focused on divorce and family mediation.

A competent divorce mediator becomes better in their craft based on their experience in practicing their mediation skills over a period of time. Expertise as a divorce mediator requires a very specific skill set and can help parties through mediation process.

One of the other benefits of mediation is the flat fee billing that many mediators offer to clients.

Many mediators are now offering flat fees for the complete mediation process. Flat fee mediators maintain that the concept of hourly billing invokes the thoughts of independent attorneys who impact families. With hourly billing, attorneys are paid for the amount of time spent on a case and can increase cost. Accordingly, the time put in on a case for independent attorneys, increases the conflict in any case.

With flat fees, the professional is paid one amount and won’t bill hourly and won’t increase the conflict in the case. This can give the parties a sense of control of their case and the costs. It can provide a concept of stability and less conflict.

Finally, the fact that you have considered PA divorce mediation as your path to divorce has likely helped both you and your spouse from serious financial and emotional issues. While this is a difficult decision to make, choosing the path of mediation is going to be the best path for you, your spouse and your family.

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Michael E. Hughes, Esquire

Mr. Michael Hughes graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1994. He received his Bachelors of Science from St. Joseph’s University in 1988. After graduating from law school, Mr. Hughes worked as a law clerk for almost two years for two Montgomery County Common Pleas Judges. He gained significant experience in civil matters which included divorce, equitable distribution, custody, alimony and child support..