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Mar 24, 2020

Marriage over – What’s the next step?

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Have you ever realized that you had to do something, but you didn’t know what the next step should be?

Flat tire – Now what?

I remember one morning several months ago getting into my car in my driveway when I noticed a flat tire. Followed by an ‘Oh No’ moment. I knew this was going to keep me from getting where I needed to be. I had no idea what was the best solution. Should I call roadside assistance to change the tire to my spare? Should I roll up my sleeves and do it myself? Once that was done, should I try to get my tire repaired? Should I buy a new one? Should I buy four new ones? If so, what kind of tires? Where should I go to get the work done quickly and economically?

By the end of the day, I had resolved my tire problem. I worked through my questions, discovered some options, made some quick decisions, and got the needed work done. In the end, it was a relatively minor problem.

Marriage Over – Now what?

But sometimes life presents a bigger challenge, with a higher-stakes outcome. Still, you have to find a solution.

So, you know you MUST do something, but where to start?

Ending a marriage is such a challenge. If one spouse wants to end the marriage, it will end eventually. That can leave you reeling and confused about what to do next.

The questions are many. If you have kids, how you minimize the effects on them and focus on a good future for them? How will you go through this without permanent economic distress? How can you minimize the stress and animosity surrounding all the decisions to be made, so you can get on with your life in a positive way? Should you hire an expensive divorce attorney? Can you do this yourself instead and still be protected? Are there better options in between these two extremes? (For more on this see our page “Understanding Your Divorce Options“)

Divorce mediation can be a practical, affordable way to work through all of these issues. Mediation can protect your children and your financial stability while avoiding the extreme costs, long duration, and animosity of going through a legal battle with your spouse. You benefit from expert professional attorney-mediators who guide you, ensuring examine every detail, so you avoid any turmoil later. This guidance happens in a mutually beneficial and economical approach. In a sense, you start on a brighter future immediately by working out the details in a way that you agree to, yet fully protect your interests.

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Greg Hubbard