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Sep 14, 2011

School for divorce and separation

Education and Events

Educating yourself is a premise for all good decision making.  So when you are deciding to separate or divorce, there’s nothing like educating
yourself with the help of Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation’s Education programs.  These insightful programs allow you to participate in a live presentation with an experienced therapist, attorney or financial planner using the convenience and anonymity of your home computer.

Classes are offered in the following categories:

Protecting Your Legal Rights

This program focuses on the topic of protecting yourself legally and discusses divorce law, asset/debt division, spousal support/alimony, and other important legal matters.  This workshop will answer many of your legal questions about the divorce process and offer clarity to your situation.

Divorce Stress:  Mind/Body Connection

Divorce triggers specific physiological and psychological stress responses that can be detrimental to our health and your emotional wellbeing.  One of our skilled therapists provides specific guidelines to help those undergoing the divorce process understand and manage their responses and emerge in a position to move on to a healthy new beginning.

Protecting Your Children Emotionally

Protecting your children during the divorce process is brought to light in this program not only legally but emotionally as well.  We discuss the
legal issues regarding child custody, child support and strategies for reducing the impact of divorce for your children.  It also gives parents valuable information about how to tell their children and how to help their children adjust to the changes within their family during the divorce transition.