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May 1, 2020

Without a well-thought out plan even a ‘simple’ divorce can cost unexpected $$$

Future Post-Divorce

DIY Divorce Doesn’t Come with a How to Manual

Many couples believe that without property, such as a house, or children, getting divorced should be simple and inexpensive. Well, it depends. The couple in the article below decided to try the DIY approach. What followed was a year of unexpected obstacles and financial decisions that added unforseen debt. The husband resisted at every step, leading the wife to make choices that were not in her best interest. On top of that was the therapy she needed to deal with the stress. She didn’t have health coverage so her expenses were out=of-pocket.

Minimizing Risk

Divorce is a path littered with landmines. Trying to do it yourself can leave you legally vulnerable. Without good guidance, legal issues can arise for years to come costing time and money and more stress. Hiring attorneys places you into an adversarial situtaion that can also lead to more time, substantial fees and more stress. You may also find yourself in a financially unstable situation for years, making it very difficult to rebuild your life. If you have children, you have their emotional and financial wellbeing as well as a co-parenting plan with your ex to consider.

Mediation Offers a Positive Outcome, Legally, Financially and your Personal Wellbeing

Divorce mediation offers couples a clear path to a balanced resolution. Alpha’s divorce mediation program is designed to produce a fair, balanced, and complete divorce agreement that minimizes the emotional and financial toll on the family. At Alpha Center, our attorney-mediators bring in knowledgeable experts to make sure your specific parenting, tax and financial counseling needs are taken care of. Our caring and experienced team of attorney-mediators, parenting-mediators, and tax-mediators works with the couple to complete all aspects of their divorce agreement in an atmosphere of fairness and collaboration: one which holds the best interests of the couple’s children as a primary concern. Even in cases of substantial conflict, we can help couples move toward decisions that will give them a better future.

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