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Apr 24, 2015

Putting the Client First is Key to Building a Successful Divorce Mediation Practice


By Keila M. Gilbert, Esquire

To be a good divorce mediator, it’s crucial that you make understanding the precarious emotional state of your clients a priority. Then you need to communicate to your clients that you acknowledge they are in the fight of their lives feeling anxiety, anger and especially fear about the outcome. And that you are there to get them through it.

Unlike a neighborhood quarrel or a labor dispute where details can be discovered and documented, your divorcing clients are in an emotional freefall with no end in sight. They are trying to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives while in this unsettled state of mind. Your guidance at this point can provide the structure they need to navigate through the emotions to resolution rather than letting them find their own way.

When your expert guidance is coupled with a sincere focus on their well-being, clients recognize the value in taking the advice of a strong and compassionate mediator. So, they are more likely to follow parameters and boundaries you set when they believe you are recommending the best solution.

If you build a divorce mediation practice by focusing 100% on the client, you will become known for your knowledge, your expertise and your compassion, and build a successful, rewarding and profitable practice.

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