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Jul 27, 2011

School Days! Just Around the Corner. Remember to Put Yourself on the Schedule

Marriage Success

Everyone’s Schedules Change – Block Out some ‘Our’ Time, too.

September means a return to school, new clothes in larger sizes, and an earlier wake up call!  Pencils and notebooks are combined
with ipads and computers and stuffed into new backpacks.  Families all across the nation renew commitments for a healthier, focused schedule that includes family dinners, homework time and hopefully, limited television.

Managing your children’s classes, after-school activities and sports and your own schedules brings stress. Somehow, you have to fit it all in and sometimes it’s your relationship takes a back seat to School Days.

How can you minimize the affects of this phenomenon?

Resurrect “Date Night” and schedule some alone time for you and your spouse.  Even if
it’s only a couple of hours that you commit to spending together without the kids, school projects or being the taxi service – making the time to connect with each other is vital to a healthy, successful relationship.

When No One Else is Up. One couple gets up early twice a week and has a special breakfast together.  It became their time to really communicate with each other and enjoy one of life’s glorious events –  sunrise!

Latte To Talk About. Another couple meets for their daughters’ soccer practice together and each brings the other the special “latte” of day and as their girls are playing on the field, they take those 75 minutes to reconnect instead of chatting with the other parents on the field.

Using a little creativity, you can find the time to spend with your spouse.  Dedicate this time to your spouse and don’t use it to discuss little Johnny’s math tests or next week’s soccer game.  This time is about you and your spouse and bringing some special alone time back into your relationship.

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