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Co-Parenting Challenges

Families Apart: Ten Keys to Successful Co-Parenting

Melinda Blau, Perigree, 1993. Structured around 10 principles of successful co-parenting. Describes the tasks, attitudes, and communications skills that are required to move the family through all the transitions and events that continue to bring parents together, even post-divorce.

Ex-Etiquette for Holidays and Other Family Celebrations

Jann Blackstone-Ford and, Sharyl Jupe, Chicago Review Press; 2007. Through realistic and trusted advice, this innovative new guide brings the celebration back to the holidays for blended families.

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting go of conflict after a difficult divorce

Elizabeth S. Thayer, PhD, & Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD, New Harbinger Publications (2001). Practical suggestions help you avoid common traps and get past hot spots that lead to constant squabbling. Negotiate holidays and other transitions. Develop skills to sustain a co-paring partnership based on love and concern for your children.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes Work for Your Child

Isolina Ricci, Collier Books; 1997. Update of the classic Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Shared Custody Work. Covers legal, emotional, and financial issues involved in setting up two homes for your children.

101 Ways to be a Long-Distance Super Dad or Mom, Too

George Newman, Blossom Valley Press, 1996. A practical guide to some creative tricks you can use to maintain contact with your child, even when you rarely can be physically present.

How to Parent With Your Ex: Working Together for Your Child’s Best Interest

Brette McWhorter, Sourcebooks, Incorporated; 2005. Hands on, practical advice is offered about things that can derail a visitation plan. This book emphasizes creating a life for your child that is free of arguments, disputes, and bad feelings.

Raising Children in Blended Families: Helpful Insights, Expert Opinions, and True Stories

Maxine Marsolini, Kregel Publications; 2006. A realistic and forthright resource, this practical guide for parents of blended families helps adults understand their children’s feelings and cope with arising difficulties.

Giving The Love That Heals

Hendrix, Harville Ph.D., Hunt Helen, PhD., Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, 1998. Practical, insightful approaches that can powerfully shape the parent-child bond, giving the Love that Heals gives us the keys to helping our children to become healthy, responsible, and caring people.