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Legal Articles

Couples who are facing these life-shattering experiences will benefit from the power of knowledge provided by the professionals who wrote these legal articles about Protecting your Legal Rights.

Differences Between Litigation and Mediation in Divorce are more than Just Financial

Divorce, itself, is both a legal process and part of a family process. It has been stated often that the emotional forces which are bound to the dissolution of a marriage and a family argue for more delicate measures than the traditional court proceeding.

How to Choose and Manage Your Divorce Attorney

In the midst of all the emotional turmoil connected with your separation, now you’re faced with choosing a divorce attorney. The following is a guide to selecting the right attorney.

The Basics of Alimony

Alimony issues can be a sensitive subject between spouses during and after divorce. Normally, spouses have opposite viewpoints – how much should be paid and for how long. If you use the mediation process for your divorce, you will have more control over the alimony decisions.

Custody: The Red Flag of Family Law 

Custody evokes parenting and parenting evokes feelings of possession, pride, anger, responsibility, guilt, happiness, pleasure and angst. To the cauldron of life we add the problem of a relationship gone bad. Now, simultaneously, we have to deal with the feelings of a parent and the feelings of anger, guilt, bitterness, unrequited love and anxiety pertaining to the loss of a relationship.

Estate Planning and the Divorced Spouse

In planning estates over the years, the question has been frequently asked, “What happens to my property if I divorce my spouse? …. If I divorce my spouse, are there any changes I have to make to my will and existing estate plan to protect my property?”. The answer to both questions is that in most states, and certainly in Pennsylvania, a former spouse has the right to receive some portion of the “marital property.”