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Satisfaction Survey- Tax Mediation

We know how difficult it is for you to discuss your separation or divorce and we appreciate that you recently sought our guidance. My personal goal is to ensure that you gained valuable knowledge and that your attorney-mediator met our high professional standards. Please take a few minutes to share your impressions with me so that I can continue to ensure that all of the many people who seek our assistance have the best possible experience with our services.

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    Not at all Satisfied (1) - Extremely Satisfied (10)

    1. Do you feel as though the tax mediator clearly understood your financial issues and concerns?

    2. Do you feel as though the tax mediator listened equally to both of you?

    3. Was the tax mediator helpful guiding you to develop a tax plan?

    4. What did your tax mediator do very well?

    5. Are there areas where you feel tax mediator could have been more helpful?