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Double Trouble: Tips for Handling Divorce and College Expenses

May 10, 2017

The familiar saying, “When it rains, it pours” applies to many of the clients in our Alpha Divorce Divorce Mediation Program. Just as they are stretching their dollars to operate two individual households, the first college tuition bill arrives. We … Read More

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Mediation for Divorce: A Sensible Alternative to Litigation

Oct 27, 2016

Written for the monthly newsletter for the Philadelphia Estate Planning Council, Debbie Schneider’s article examines divorce mediation as a rational, reasonable approach that offers significant benefits over traditional litigation. Debbie Schneider, is an attorney-mediator for Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation … Read More

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Surviving Divorce by Reclaiming Your Life – Secure Your Financial Future (Part Three of Five)

Jul 23, 2015

Now that you have focused on getting your physical well-being, you’re your emotional strength back, you’re ready to look at what you need to do to get your finances back on track so your future is more secure. Recalculate to … Read More

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Home Appraisal for Divorce Purposes: Why Using a Professional Appraiser Makes Sense

Feb 23, 2015

by Richard M. Lam, Richard M. Lam & Associates One of the largest assets to consider in a divorce is the house, typically owned jointly by the couple. An appraisal can help to determine the Fair Market Value (FMV) of … Read More

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What is a Reverse Mortgage? Part 2

Jan 23, 2015

by Jason Eichmiller In Part 1, we defined what a reverse mortgage truly is. Let’s take it one step further and look at common myths about this program with view to debunking them. There are 3 aspects of reverse mortgages … Read More

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Should I consider keeping the family home after divorce?

Oct 28, 2014

The reasons for keeping the home may include an emotional attachment to the home, a desire to keep stability in the children’s lives and in their schools or the desire to stay in the same neighborhood. While there are many … Read More

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Divorce: Moving Beyond Insecurity and Fear

Feb 14, 2014

While those among us with overly inflated egos know nothing about insecurity and fear, the rest of us find them a constant companion as we navigate the long, dark tunnel of divorce. Although my divorce was many, many years ago, … Read More

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The Alimony Tango

Jun 24, 2013

When I am helping divorcing couples through the arduous task of deciding on an appropriate alimony amount, it often feels very much like watching highly charged tango dancers. One will charge forward and back the other down only to find … Read More

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