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After 25 years of client care, we know there are
three concerns most important to you.

We are looking out for your future financial health. We want you to land on your feet, so we start looking ahead to your new life as soon as you walk in the door.

We are here to help you create as firm a financial foundation as possible as you transition to your new life. Too many people end up in an unstable financial situation partly due to the high cost of a litigated divorce or not paying attention to how their funds are being spent.

In Alpha’s mediation program, our goal is guide you to have a balanced well-thought out plan for dividing your assets and property. We want your housing, retirement and a cash reserve to be considered carefully as you plan for your future.

We go one step further for our clients. A key element of our program is an individual session with our professional financial counselor. Each situation is personally considered, and the information and resources are tailored to the individual. This equips them to make informed decisions as they begin building their new lives.

Your Next Best Decision

Alpha Professionals know that no matter what relationship stage you are in, you can improve your odds of having a healthy marriage or a fulfilling single life in the future.
We know how difficult it is to reach out. We want you to know we are here to hear you.