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After 25 years of client care, we know there are
three concerns most important to you.

You need the best professional guidance at this difficult time. This is not the time to cut corners.

We know you are experiencing fear, panic and emotional pain. This is normal. And you may just want to do it in a snap – fast and cheap. Anything to have the marriage over with. Also normal.

You wouldn’t go to a minute-clinic if you were having a heart attack. Divorce is a life event and the decisions you make now are critical to your future well-being. Resist the impulse to race toward a faulty resolution. Fast and cheap may end up costing you more money and time in the courts to resolve issues that should have been considered.

Alpha will make sure you have the most accurate, comprehensive agreement. We cover all the ‘what ifs’ so you are assured of an outcome that covers you and your family and safeguards your finances. This attention to detail by attorney-mediators with years of legal experience means it’s unlikely that you will have future legal battles.

Your Next Best Decision

Alpha Professionals know that no matter what relationship stage you are in, you can improve your odds of having a healthy marriage or a fulfilling single life in the future.
We know how difficult it is to reach out. We want you to know we are here to hear you.