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Our clients share their stories

Chris Nisbet and her husband were in a very tumultuous marriage for 10 years. They separated and reconciled three times but just couldn’t make it work. During the third attempt to save their marriage, Chris ended up pregnant with her first child and was headed for divorce.

While it was the first divorce for her, it was the second for her husband who had suffered through a “vicious litigation battle” that left him and his two sons deeply traumatized.

Chris lived through this difficult time with them and saw that her husband was terrified that they would have to live through it again. She had become a loving step mom to his children and wanted to protect them as much as she could from any further harm.

Chris was determined to make sure that this divorce was handled more sensibly and compassionately so she arranged for them to meet with the professionals at Alpha Center. She found them to be “calm, caring and very good listeners”. She especially appreciated that they always worked with the two of them together so she could trust that there were no secrets or hidden agendas.

Chris remembers that she felt the normal fear, anxiety and anger that comes with divorce as well as the many challenges that come with pregnancy. Nevertheless, she wisely made the conscious decision that there was only one thing that truly mattered: She was soon to become a mom and she had to do everything she could do to protect her unborn child and to protect her step children from further harm.

The Alpha Parenting Mediator worked with them to understand what their infant son would need to develop and keep strong relationships with both parents. They also learned that, as he grew through the various phases of his life, they would have to continually adjust their Parenting Plan to meet his needs.

Roll the clock ahead 22 years and we can see that this divorce couple are amazing role models for putting their children first and developing a healthy co-parenting relationship. Chris describes their blended family as somewhat complex but the end result is a true family bond.

There are four brothers; her two step-sons and son from her first marriage; and the son she had with her current husband. All four sons regard each other as “brothers” (no “steps”) and have built a life-long connection. They all enjoy spending holidays together at her home on a regular basis. What is truly amazing is that her ex-husband has also become a part of the family as a favorite “Uncle”.

It comes as no surprise that Chris’s determination to be wise and do things right translated to a very successful career in real estate. She is particularly aware of the challenges of selling homes for couples who are divorcing and has trained her team to remain sensitive to their needs and totally neutral in all of their dealings.