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Government Shutdown: What our Divorce Clients Can Teach our Government

Oct 04, 2013

In the past few days I have been searching the internet and news programs for any sign of progress in this government shutdown mess.  As a professional who has dealt with divorcing couples for 18 years, I see many familiar … Read More

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How “Cheating” Complicates Divorce

Oct 04, 2013

Having spent the last 18 years guiding over 5,000 people through our divorce mediation program, I have gained a lot of expertise about this challenging life transition. While divorce often feels like lighting yourself and your family on fire, cheating … Read More

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3 Important Keys to Surviving Divorce

Aug 22, 2013

There are few experiences in life that are more difficult and “sweeping” than divorce. Researchers have found that only the death of a spouse has a greater impact on people’s lives. After going through it myself and helping over 5,000 … Read More

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Alpha Center Moves to New Location in Media, Pa

Aug 02, 2013

After an exhaustive search for a more suitable office for our Media, PA clients, Alpha Center has finally found the perfect location to serve our clients. As of August 1st, divorce mediation clients in Media now have their program services … Read More

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7 Tips for Divorce Survival

Jul 24, 2013

One of my clients in Newtown, PA told me that getting divorced seemed a lot like putting themselves into a blender. After almost 20 years of helping people through our divorce mediation program, I can definitely see why. Life before … Read More

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Curing the Divorce Litigation Plague

Jun 28, 2013

People seldom expect or prepare for divorce. It hits like an earthquake and they scramble to find solid ground; often stepping into a collapsing building instead of to safety. They rely on the age-old assumption that their spouse is now … Read More

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Child Support Calculation: The Games People Play

Jun 26, 2013

Divorce is such a complicated time of life that I often find people looking for “simple” solutions wherever they can find them. They will Google on-line child support calculators and present the other spouse with their version of the child … Read More

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The Alimony Tango

Jun 24, 2013

When I am helping divorcing couples through the arduous task of deciding on an appropriate alimony amount, it often feels very much like watching highly charged tango dancers. One will charge forward and back the other down only to find … Read More

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Equitable Distribution is Not Equal Distribution

May 30, 2013

Often couples who come through the Alpha Center Divorce Mediation Program begin with the assumption that all of their assets and debts will be divided right down the middle. They believe that this is the only way that they will … Read More

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Compromising for Your Future

May 13, 2013

Yesterday my family and I went to see Peter Nero and the Philly Pops in their final performance. We were amazed at the talent gathered on that stage and how heartfelt the appreciation was for Peter’s 34 years of dedication … Read More


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