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Financial Articles

Alpha Center provides financial articles to help couples who are facing divorce.

Divorce and Business Valuations A Goodwill Issue 

Business valuators must always consider the existence of intangible value when performing their valuations. This intangible value or goodwill becomes particularly significant when the valuation is undertaken with respect to a marital dissolution action.

Separating your Finances

Divorce means more than physically separating a family. It also means separating a family financially. Both can bring great emotional stress. You will come through the process in a better financial state, however, if you can keep your emotions from influencing your financial decisions. At the very least, you will be able to make better financial decisions in the future for yourself and your children.

Dealing with Mortgages During Divorce

When people who own real estate get divorced, they usually face decisions about mortgages. These decisions are important because they directly impact future financial well-being. It is best to educate yourself about the options and seek the advice of a professional mortgage broker.

Real Estate and Divorce

Throughout the divorce process, equitable distribution becomes a major factor. If a couple owns real estate, several issues must be decided; i.e., Will the marital domicile be sold? Will one spouse buy out the other? And, most important, if there are children, how will this affect them?

Sale of the Home in the Divorce Process 

When divorcing couples decide it is necessary to sell their marital residence and move to new separate residences, which is stressful under the best of circumstances is stressful, becomes even more so. Following are a few things that all homeowners should keep in mind when selling a house and then buying a house.